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A good tutor should help students improve study skills and develop self-confidence, as well as giving them the chance to ask questions, an opportunity which might not be available in the regular classroom. M-G Educational Services offers tutoring services in Elmira, NY in all subjects from pre-school through college classes. Whether you need a math tutor, a science tutor, or a tutor for any discipline, you will find skilled professional subject support at our tutoring center.

Ideally, a tutoring session features an assessment of problems the student has encountered since the last visit, a plan for addressing the problems, and a balanced question/information exchange in which the student feels comfortable asking for clarification. Tutoring should provide practice in acquiring a specific skill set and drills in course material to help the student master the curriculum.

At M-G Educational Services, you will find that our learning center staff takes the time to prepare themselves for every session. They are skilled in using questioning techniques to discover problem areas and elicit feedback, as well practicing positive problem-solving and positive problem correction. Good interaction with students is a cornerstone of our tutoring service. We treat each client with respect. We are experienced in tutoring students with learning disabilities, such as ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia.

We’ve discovered that it’s important to take the time to wind down and summarize the skills or knowledge emphasized at the end of every tutoring session. Our tutors will encourage students to ask for clarification on any areas which may still be unclear and to anticipate upcoming challenges. Above all, we never forget that our primary goal is to build a platform for independent learning.

Too many students encounter frustration and failure because they struggle against academic problems too great for them to overcome alone. Use our tutoring expertise to get the help you need to succeed.

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