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If you are in need of individualized diagnostic reading assessments in Elmira, NY, M-G Educational Services is the place to come. We use the latest educational tools to evaluate both the student’s knowledge base and the student's performance base. We create and implement strategies to raise your reading level and to build deficient reading skills, such as main idea analysis and making inferences.

Have you had the heartbreaking experience of watching your child struggle night after night to do homework, hampered by an inability to read the text or instructions? Today’s classrooms are often too crowded for teachers to be able to assist every student in this essential area. Perhaps your own career plans are hampered by a reading problem. Diagnostic assessments give students in-depth information about reading skills. We also maintain a running assessment record to help design successful interventions.

At M-G Educational Services, we offer more than assistance with homework; we can provide a systematic program, directly designed to teach reading to people with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or those who have struggled with more standardized reading programs, such as whole-word and phonics. After completing your diagnostic reading assessment, our reading tutors will tailor your program through an individualized, step-by-step approach. They will be there to provide one-on-one assistance at all times.

Our reading experts strive to do more than enable you to increase understanding. By the time you finish diagnostic testing and complete one of our comprehensive programs, you will exhibit mastery of the reading skills that once kept you from excelling across the curriculum.

One of the most essential building blocks to academic success is the ability to read and comprehend. Don’t let your child struggle through years of misery without this vital skill. Don’t allow your own aspirations to wither because you can’t read well. Give us a chance to diagnose your reading problems and put you on the road to mastery today.

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